Emergency Freeze Dried Food Rations

emergency freeze dried food rationsAt Independent Pantry, offering you the very best gourmet emergency food rations is a way of life. You have to eat to sustain life. Whatever emergency situation you find yourself in will surely be stressful enough without have to worry about where your next meal’s coming from, or worse dreading eating your next meal because it tastes awful!

Here you’ll get gourmet easy to prepare freeze dried meals. [click to continue…]


The following information is provided as a guide to Wise Company and the Wise Company product offering. Each offering and SKU found within this document can be matched with an image of that product on the Wise Company Photobucket website (www.photobucket.com). For additional details or further needs please contact your Independent Pantry sales representative. [click to continue…]


Where To Store Emergency Food

This really depends on where you live. Meals made by either freeze drying or dehydrating will be affected by temperature, moisture and light. for optimal storage we recommend keeping your meals in a cool dry location.


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