Emergency Freeze Dried Food Rations

emergency freeze dried food rationsAt Independent Pantry, offering you the very best gourmet emergency food rations is a way of life. You have to eat to sustain life. Whatever emergency situation you find yourself in will surely be stressful enough without have to worry about where your next meal’s coming from, or worse dreading eating your next meal because it tastes awful!

Here you’ll get gourmet easy to prepare freeze dried meals. All you have to do is add hot water let the food absorb the water (about 5 minutes) and viola! You have an extremely tasty meal that you can look forward to eating as well as getting the nourishment your body needs.

emergency_food_rationsYou’ll also find freeze dried meals to be superior to other types of emergency food, in addition to the great taste they’re lightweight, easy to carry if your packing them into a bug out bag and they have a shelf life of 25 years so there’s no need to go running around and spending more money each year to keep yourself prepared for an emergency.

You can also get these gourmet meals packed in a number of different ways that provide for easy and compact storage. From our grab and go food kits packaged in a simple square stackable bucket to our 72 hour emergency food kit that comes to you in an easy to store mylar bag.

There’s no lack of choices in food either, you can choose from breakfast meals, dinner entrees, all meat packs, fruit and snacks and even vegetable packs. We’ve assembled the most well rounded assortment of emergency meals you’ll find.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like a particular meal you’re welcome to order our single meal pouches. These are a part of our camping line which gives you the ability to try the meals you think you’ll like without having to purchase a large quantity up front.

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