Emergency Food Kits

Emergency Food Kits

Emergency Food Supplies



We are dedicated to providing you with ready-made, freeze-dried and dehydrated meals that are delicious, nutritious and lightweight. Our emergency meals are packaged in durable, extra strength Mylar foil pouches to ensure freshness and great taste for up to seven years.

Prepared in minutes by just adding water, they become the perfect meal for an emergency or even everyday use.

Sampler Kit

sampler kit$24.49
Noodles & Beef, Pasta Alfredo w/Chicken, Cheesy Lasagna, Chili Mac w/Beef 

Sampler Kit

72 Hour Emergency Kit

72 hour emergency food kit$36.95
72 Hour Emergency Food Kit 

6 Case Pack - 72 hour Emergency Food Kit


emergency meal favorites$41.50
7 Case Pack  

Favorites 7 Case Pack

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